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Vandling Pump Station Gravity Sewer Construction

Vandling Borough and Clinton Township


The Vandling pumping station serves the Borough of Vandling in northern Lackawanna County and is tributary to the LRBSA’s Clinton Township wastewater treatment plant.  The project will construct a new gravity sewer line that will bypass the pumping station and convey the wastewater to the treatment plant entirely by gravity flow.  This improvement will allow for decommissioning of the pumping station resulting in multiple benefits including:

  • Removal of a permitted combined sewer overflow. The sewer system tributary to the pump station includes pipes that collect both sanitary sewage and stormwater.  Due to this combined construction, the capacity of the station can be exceeded during significant precipitation events.  The diluted excess flow is diverted to a PADEP-permitted combined sewer overflow and discharged to a nearby watercourse tributary to the Lackawanna River.  The completed project will convey all wet-weather flows to the treatment plant and eliminate the combined sewer overflow.
  • Elimination of operations and maintenance costs associated with the pumping station, including electrical usage, mechanical and electrical parts and equipment, maintenance services, and fuel for the standby emergency generator.
  • Reduced energy consumption and a corresponding reduction in carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improved reliability by eliminating reliance on electrical and mechanical equipment, which can be subject to potential malfunction.

 Construction will include approximately 6,900 lineal feet of new 15” and 24” diameter sewer pipe, twenty (20) sanitary sewer manholes, and require over 200,000 cubic yards of earthmoving.

 The Project is primarily funded by a low-interest loan from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST).

 Construction was started October 2021 and is scheduled to be completed July 2022.


Construction Cost: $2,458,860