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Throop Treatment Plant Aeration Pipeline Replacement

Throop Borough


The Throop treatment plant uses a biological process to remove organic constituents from the incoming wastewater.  As part of this process, air is compressed and distributed throughout the treatment tanks, bubbling through the wastewater and supplying oxygen to the beneficial microorganisms that consume the organic pollutants.  The existing underground pipeline that supplied air to the treatment tanks consisted of multiple pipe segments that experienced air leakage at their joints.  This air loss required the air supply equipment to run at a higher rate to compensate for the leakage and still provide sufficient oxygen to the biological treatment process.  The existing ductile iron pipeline was replaced with a new stainless-steel pipeline with welded joints.  The absence of mechanical pipe joints will eliminate the potential for deterioration of the seals over time, resulting in a more reliable and efficient aeration process with an accompanying energy savings.  In addition, the stainless-steel materials of construction will provide long term durability and resistance to corrosion.  Portions of the new pipeline were constructed above ground to reduce construction cost and avoid conflicts with the numerous existing underground utilities present on the treatment plant site.

Completed: August 2021

Construction Cost: $436,946