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Moosic Pumps Stations #1 and #2 Pump Replacement

Moosic Borough

Sewage pumps will be replaced at two (2) pumping stations in the Borough of Moosic.

At various points in its conveyance system, the LRBSA utilizes pumping stations to transport wastewater in areas where differences in elevation prevent flow via gravity. Two (2) such pumping stations are located in the Borough of Moosic, each containing two (2) sewage pumps. The pumping of wastewater is a harsh environment for pumps and electric motors. Over time, pumps lose their efficiency and require increased maintenance due to wear and tear. The pumps at both of these Moosic locations will be replaced with new equipment to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance and maintain optimum performance.

The project was completed July 2017.

Construction Cost: $143,600