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Moosic Pump Station No. 1 Grinder Installation

Moosic Borough

Municipal wastewater typically contains assorted debris flushed into the sewer system. While only items specifically listed as flushable or sewer-safe should be disposed of down the drain, wastewater will generally include quantities of non-degradable items such as disposable wipes used for household cleaning, as well as health and hygiene products. This debris can cause blockages in sewer systems, including pumps used to convey wastewater to the treatment plant. Pump stations may contain screens consisting of parallel bars that can capture the largest debris entering the station. However, these screens are inefficient, allowing some debris to pass, and labor intensive requiring manual cleaning by the operator. The project at Moosic Pump Station No. 1 installed a grinder in the incoming flow channel to chew this debris into small particle that will reduce the likelihood of blockage in the pumps and in the downstream sewer system.

Completed: November 2018.

Construction Cost: $58,132