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Lackawanna River - Streambank Stabilization Phase III (2021)

Dickson City Borough

Approximately 357 lineal feet of impacted streambank along the Lackawanna River were stabilized and rock-lined to prevent further erosion and protect the existing LRBSA interceptor pipe located along the river.

The LRBSA’s interceptor is its main trunk line that conveys wastewater from its furthest point in Archbald Borough to the treatment plant located in the Borough of Throop. Along the way, this interceptor accepts wastewater flow from the various sewer systems that collect wastewater from individual communities along the Lackawanna River. The interceptor gets progressively bigger, from 12” diameter to a maximum 36” diameter, as more wastewater is added to the pipeline by each successive town. Since the sewer is located along the Lackawanna River, it can be impacted by changes resulting from the rivers meandering course. At times, erosion of the river bank caused by the flowing water can threaten to impinge upon the location of the LRBSA’s interceptor. When this occurs, the LRBSA will undertake the necessary repairs of the river bank to stop this erosion before it can potentially damage our facilities. In this instance, approximately 702 feet of river bank were lined with large rocks, commonly referred to as “riprap”, to stop the erosive effects of the river and protect the sewer line.


Phase III (2021)

Completed: Novemember 2021

Construction Cost: $352,905