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Jessup Borough Sanitary Sewer Upgrade

Jessup Borough


The LRBSA’s Jessup Borough Sanitary Sewer Upgrade project replaced 2,145 lineal feet of existing 8” and 10” diameter sanitary sewer lines with new 15”, 16” and 18” diameter pipe.  The upgrades were undertaken to increase the conveyance capacity of the sewer system to accommodate commercial and industrial development in the Jessup Borough service area, and support continued economic growth in the region.  A unique aspect of the project was performance of a 412 foot long bore underneath an existing railroad embankment to permit installation of the new sewer line beneath the active railroad tracks.  The 54” diameter bore was completed through the earthen and rock embankment using a tunnel boring machine.  The completed bore was lined with a steel casing through which the new sewer pipe was inserted.  Installation of the smaller 16” sanitary sewer inside the larger 54” steel casing pipe allows the sewer pipe to be accessible for future maintenance or replacement without the need to disturb the railroad operations.

 Funding for the project was provided by the Lackawanna Energy Center.

Completed: September 2020

Construction Cost: $1,393,814