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Archbald WWTP Pump Control Panel Replacement

Archbald Borough

Separate pumping systems are used at the Archbald treatment facility for transporting both effluent wastewater and the waste sludge generated by the treatment process. The effluent pumping station conveys treated water from the biological treatment process to the disinfection system prior to it being discharged to the Lackawanna River. The waste sludge pumping station collects the residual solids generated by the biological treatment process and pumps them to the solids handling process for further treatment. Both of these pumping stations were constructed in 1990 and still make use of the original electrical controls. The control panels that operate these pumping stations will be replaced with modern, state of the art controls that will increase reliability and provide greater operator control.

The project was completed June 2017.

Construction Cost: $110,700